15 Best SEO WordPress Themes to Use for Higher Rankings 2023

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Best SEO WordPress Theme

Looking for a WordPress theme that will help your website rank higher in search engine results pages? Check out these Best SEO WordPress themes that can help optimize your website for better organic search traffic.

With all the options available, it can be tough to know which is the best SEO WordPress theme for your needs, but I’ve got you covered.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to some of my favorites, and show you how they can help improve your website’s SEO. So read on to learn more about the best SEO WordPress themes around!

15 Best SEO WordPress Themes

Technically, I would choose a responsive, fast-loading, customizable, SEO plugin compatible and with clean code theme for my websites. These 15 WordPress themes are best suited for SEO. I can vouch for these themes.

1. Kadence Theme

Kadence WordPress Theme

Price: Free and Premium Bundles

My all-time favorite WordPress theme. Kadence is a fast-loading theme packed with many features and starter templates. Yes, you can start with a free template even without a premium.

Kadence Theme is a powerful WordPress theme that is perfect for creating professional websites. It is packed with features that are essential for building a successful website.

This theme includes a drag-and-drop page builder, a responsive design, a powerful admin panel, and a wide range of customization options. It includes one-click import demo of starter templates so you can start on some point.

Kadence Theme is also SEO friendly and coded cleanly, making it easy for your website to rank high in search engine results. It is compatible with SEO plugins like Rank Math and Yoast. In addition, it is compatible with page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder.

Kadence Theme is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create a successful website that looks great, functions smoothly and of course search engine friendly.

PS. This website is using Kadence Theme πŸ™‚

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2. Astra

WP Astra WordPress Theme

Price: Free and Premium Bundles

Astra is a popular WordPress theme that is known for its fast-loading, flexibility and ease of use. I use Astra on some of my websites as it is fast and lightweight and includes many free templates.

Astra is perfect for businesses, blogs and WooCommerce store, as it can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. It is also a great choice for those who are new to WordPress, as it is simple to set up and does not require any coding knowledge.

It is compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy and of course WordPress’ Gutenberg.

Best of all, Astra is available for free. If you are looking for a WordPress theme that is both powerful and SEO-friendly, Astra is the perfect choice for you.

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3. GeneratePress

GeneratePress WordPress Theme

Price: Free and Premium Bundles

GeneratePress is a WordPress theme that provides a simple, clean, and lightweight design. It’s easy to set up and customize, and it’s responsive and suffers no performance issues.

GeneratePress is also one of the most popular WordPress themes available. It has been audited by WordPress experts to be one of the most well- coded themes available, and it meets all coding standards.

GeneratePress is also translation ready and available in over 20 languages. It is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple, fast, and reliable WordPress theme.

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4. Newspaper

Newspaper - News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Price: $59

Newspaper is a WordPress theme that helps you easily create a news, blog and magazine website. The theme comes with a variety of features that make it easy to get started, including a drag-and-drop page builder, 120+ pre-designed layouts, and support for multiple languages.

This theme is fast but you need to properly configure it to load at maximum speed. It also include 9 premium plugins.

Newspaper also includes social media integration, so you can easily share your content with your followers. In addition, this theme is responsive, so it will look great on all mobile devices. Plus it is consistently updated by their development theme.

Newspaper is a great choice for anyone looking to create a website that is SEO-friendly.

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5. Bridge

Bridge - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Price: $59

Bridge is a versatile and powerful WordPress theme, perfect for creative professionals who need a modern and stylish website. The theme comes with a powerful drag-and-drop page builder, making it easy to create custom pages and layouts.

Bridge also includes a large selection of pre-built pages and templates, so you can get started quickly and easily. And, if you need any help, the theme includes extensive documentation and support from the developers.

Whether you’re a photographer, designer, or artist, Bridge is the perfect theme for your next project.

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6. Neve

Neve By Themeisle

Price: Free

Neve is a fast and lightweight theme built for speed and usability. It is fully responsive and mobile-ready, making it an ideal choice for today’s web users.

Neve is also SEO-friendly and includes support for all the major plugins, making it a great option for businesses that want to improve their online visibility. It is simple to set up and use, yet still provides ample customization options for those who want to put their own spin on things. It also has 100+ pre-built themes you can choose from.

Overall, Neve is an excellent choice for those looking for a fast, lightweight, and easy-to-use theme.

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7. Olsen Pro

Olsen Pro

Price: Free (light) and Premium (Pro)

Olsen Pro is a powerful WordPress theme that offers a wide range of features and options to help you build a professional website. The theme includes a drag-and-drop page builder, so you can easily create custom layouts for your pages. It includes 11 layouts to choose from but it is only available for Pro.

Olsen Pro is fully responsive, retina ready and easy to customize. With Olsen Pro, you can easily change the look and feel of your blog with just a few clicks. It also comes with a beautiful mobile menu that makes navigation easy on mobile devices.

Moreover, this theme is also SEO optimized, ensuring that your website will rank well in search engines. Whether you are looking for a simple website or a complex one, Olsen Pro can meet your needs.

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8. Avada

Avada Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce

Price: $60

Avada is a multipurpose theme that helps you create beautiful, responsive websites. It is highly responsive, making it a great choice for mobile-friendly sites. Avada also includes a number of useful features, such as a drag-and-drop page builder and dozens of pre-built layouts.

In addition, the theme is regularly updated, so users can always be sure they are using the most up-to-date version. Avada is an excellent choice for those looking for a multipurpose theme that is both easy to use and feature-rich.

It’s well-coded structure, mobile-friendly and highly customization makes it on our list of SEO-friendly theme. Likewise, it’s performance wizard can make your website perform better.

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9. OceanWP


Price: Free and Premium

Launched in late 2016, OceanWP is a multipurpose WordPress theme that has quickly become one of the most popular choices for site builders and developers. OceanWP offers a wide range of features and customization options, making it an ideal choice for creating everything from simple sports blogs to complex eCommerce sites. It is similar to Kadence and Astra.

OceanWP is a clean and lightweight WordPress theme that is perfect for any type of website. It offers plenty of features and options to choose from, making it one of the most versatile themes on the market.

OceanWP is also responsive and Retina ready, meaning your website will look great on any device. It integrates well with WooCommerce, making it an ideal choice for eCommerce websites. OceanWP also includes a number of premium plugins, such as Ocean Extra and Ocean Sticky Footer, at no extra cost.

Overall, OceanWP is an excellent choice for any type of WordPress website, thanks to its premium yet free starter templates.

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10. Sydney

Sydney WordPress Theme

Price: Free and Premium

Sydney is a beautiful, multipurpose WordPress theme that is perfect for any type of website. It provides a powerful, yet easy to use, framework for creating stunning websites.

This theme is packed with features, including a full-width slider, Sydney’s exclusive widget areas, unlimited color options, social media integration, and more. Sydney is also fully responsive and retina ready, ensuring that your website looks sharp on any device.

What I love about Sydney is its small file size just like Kadence, Astra and GeneratePress themes. It also scores great on GTmetrix. This sums up why this theme is great for SEO.

On the other hand, Sydney also includes several pre-built pages and templates to help you get started quickly. Overall, Sydney is a powerful and flexible WordPress theme that is ideal for SEO.

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11. The7

The7 β€” Website and eCommerce Builder for WordPress

Price: $39

The7 theme is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes on the Themeforest. But is it SEO-friendly?

The7 comes with over 60+ pre-made designs, including multiple layouts for each design. The7 is also responsive, meaning it will adapt to any screen size. It has a powerful page builder that makes it easy to create custom pages and posts.

When it comes to performance, it also competes with the Newspaper theme. It is highly customizable and it includes premium plugins that are included in the purchase. And of course this theme is compatible with SEO plugins just like all themes listes here.

The7 is also compatible with WooCommerce, making it easy to create an online store. The7 is a great choice for any website, whether you’re looking for a simple esports blog or an eCommerce site that you want to rank on search engines.

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12. Enfold

Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Price: $59

Enfold is a clean, super flexible and fully responsive WordPress Theme, suited for blog and business websites, shop websites, and users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site.

This Theme is built on top of the Avia Framework. It has 38+ templates to choose from. Of course you can install your preferred template in just one click.

Enfold is built with SEO optimization in mind. It’s code is clean and semantical.

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13. Betheme

Betheme Responsive Multipurpose WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

Price: $59

Betheme is a responsive multipurpose WordPress theme that is perfect for any type of website. It is easy to use and comes with a wide range of features. Betheme is also highly customizable, so you can change the look and feel of your website to match your brand.

This theme is also SEO friendly, so you can be sure that your website will rank high in search engines. It scores excellent on GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights.

Betheme is also responsive, so it will look great on any device. This is also a factor of being SEO-friendly theme.

In addition, Betheme is also translation ready, so you can reach a global audience.

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14. Blocksy

Blocksy WordPress Theme

Price: Free and Premium

Blocksy is a WordPress theme that enables you to create beautiful websites using Blocks just like Kadence, Astra and GeneratePress.

Blocks are pre-designed sections that you can easily add to your pages. You can use blocks to create a variety of content, including posts, pages, and products.

Most importantly, Blocksy is lightning fast! It scores excellently on various speed testing tools like GTmetrix and Pingdom. It is also translation-ready.

Blocksy also includes a wide range of features, including a responsive design, a customizable header, and support for WooCommerce. If you’re looking for a theme that enables you to create a professional website quickly and easily, then Blocksy is the perfect choice.

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15. OnePress

OnePress By FameThemes

Price: Free

OnePress is a one-page WordPress theme that is designed to be used for business websites. It is a clean and responsive theme that is easy to use and customize. It comes with a number of features, including a custom header, a custom logo, and a custom background.

If you like one-page themes, OnePress is the theme to go to. Aside that this theme is free, you can also fully customize it thanks to its custom content block where you can drag and drop blocks anywhere you like.

OnePress also includes a number of widgets, such as a social media widget, a contact form widget, and a Google Maps widget.

This theme is a great choice for businesses that want an easy-to-use, SEO-friendly and customizable WordPress theme.

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How to choose the best SEO WordPress theme?


A responsive theme is a theme that has been designed to adapt to the different screen sizes of different devices. This is important for SEO purposes because it means that your website will be accessible to a wider range of people, including those who are using mobile devices.

Responsive themes are often simpler in design than traditional themes, which can make them faster to load and easier to use on smaller screens. However, they can still be very effective in terms of SEO, as long as they are designed with search engines in mind.

When choosing a responsive theme for your website, make sure to choose one that is optimized for SEO and that will work well on all types of devices.


Fast loading themes have been shown to provide better user experience thus resulting in higher ranking in SERPs. A fast loading website is also said to provide a better brand recall value.

Fast loading themes also help you save on hosting resources and lower your carbon footprint. As a result, it is advisable to use a fast-loading theme for your website if you want to improve your SEO rankings.


Customizable themes are extremely important for SEO purposes. By having a theme that can be customized, you can change various aspects of your site in order to better appeal to search engines.

For example, you can add or remove certain elements, change the title or description, and even alter the code itself. This flexibility allows you to constantly adjust your site in order to ensure that it is always optimized for search engines.

In addition, customizable themes also allow you to create a unique look for your site that can help it stand out from the rest. With so many sites using similar themes, having a unique design can be the difference between success and failure.

Therefore, if you are serious about SEO, then you need to make sure that you invest in a customizable theme.

SEO plugin compatible

SEO plugin compatible theme means that the theme is made to work perfect with SEO plugins. It offers built-in support for popular SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, and Rank Math.

If you’re serious about boosting your site’s SEO, then you need to choose a theme that is fully compatible with popular SEO plugins. Fortunately, there are many great options available, so you should be able to find a theme that meets your needs. All listed themes here are compatible with SEO plugins.

Clean Code

Clean code themes are a great option for those looking to give their website a professional look while also ensuring that their site is optimized for search engines. Clean code themes typically include easy-to- follow layouts and well-organized designs that make it simple for users to find the information they need.

In addition, clean code themes often incorporate multiple pages into a single design, making it easy for users to navigate from one page to another.

Whether you’re looking to give your website a fresh look or you’re interested in improving your site’s search engine ranking, a theme with clean code is the perfect solution.


So, if you’re looking for an SEO WordPress theme that will give you a boost in the search engine rankings, take a look at our list. The themes I’ve featured are some of the best on the market and will help your website stand out from the competition.

Have you tried any of these themes? Let me know how they worked for you in the comments below!

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