8 Fastest WooCommerce Themes So Far in 2022

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Fastest Woocommerce Themes

If you are running a WooCommerce store, then you know that speed is of the essence. A slow website will lead to lost sales and dissatisfied customers. That’s why it’s important to choose a fast WooCommerce theme for your store.

In this blog post, we will take a look at 8 of the fastest WooCommerce themes available so far. We’ll also discuss how to choose the fastest theme for your store and what to look for when evaluating speed. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Why choose a fast-loading woocommerce theme

Amazon could lose the potential of $1.6 billion in sales each year if its site loads 1 second slowly. That’s right, billion with a B!

Slow websites are not only frustrating for customers but they can also lose potential sale! Imagine how much your eCommerce store could potentially lose if it will load 1 second slower?

How we tested the themes?

We install each theme on Cloudways Digital Ocean San Francisco cloud hosting. For each theme, we install an eCommerce demo template available. If none, we add dummy content (images and texts). The hosting has SSL and no content delivery network or CDN. Aside from that we also install the following:

  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Starter template plugins for demo importation

We used GTMetrix San Antonio, TX, USA location to test the page quality and speed on desktop while WebPageTest on Virginia USA Chrome – Emulated Motorola G (gen 4) – 4G for mobile. No image optimizations plugin were installed. Among 30+ themes tested, we come down with 8 themes. All themes With B grade were eliminated.

Based on our tests, these are the fastest WooCommerce themes so far sorted by page size:

Theme TTFB
LCP Size Requests
WP Astra 156ms 499ms 350KB 22
Botiga 151ms 522ms 367KB 41
Kadence 195ms 682ms 539KB 54
GeneratePress 122ms 490ms 575KB 32
Shoptimizer 162ms 398ms 586KB 63
Spencer 169ms 1.1s 698KB 42
Loge 166ms 1.1ms 712KB 55
Neve 168ms 731ms 1.9MB 48

TTFB Time To First Byte – When it comes to web performance, one of the most important metrics is time-to-first byte (TTFB). WordPress themes and plugins can have a significant impact on response times as well. A good theme has less than 200ms TTFB.

LCP – Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) gives us an idea of how long it takes before our largest content element becomes visible within user’s viewport, which helps improve website responsiveness and maintains engagement on mobile devices. Fast themes load under 1.2s.

Fastest Woocommerce Themes

1. WPAstra

Simply Natural Astra Woocommerce Theme

Our first fastest WooCommerce on the list is the WPAstra! This theme is very popular on the WordPress theme repository because of its freemium themes. Not just that but it is also known to be one of the fastest-loading themes by far.

WPAstra has tons of free starter templates. Their premium option though has a lot of customization to offer for your website.

Let’s see how WPAstra performs.

  • Total Page Size – 350KB
  • Total Page Requests – 22
  • First Byte on Desktop – 156ms
  • First Byte on Mobile – 931ms
  • Fully Loaded Time on Desktop – 631ms
  • Fully Loaded Time on Mobile – 3.21s
  • LCP: 499ms
  • TBT: 0ms
  • CLS: 0

Based on GTMetrix and WebPageTest, WPAstra has an incredible result! It also has a very low page weight at only 350kb with only 22 total page requests. This makes it one of the fastest and lightest WooCommerce themes available.

Though on mobile test it has a longer loaded time at 3.21s. The server first response is at 499ms which means that on mobile, at 4G, WPAstra exceeds our speed expectations. Note that we did not install an optimization plugin so this can be decreased significantly.

Download Demo

2. Botiga


Botiga is rather a fairly new WooCommerce theme from Athemes. Though this theme caught my attention because of its minimalist design.

In its import library, there only two demo. The first is free while the other is premium. The free version has two different check out and badges styles. I still consider this theme a freemium due to its generous customization.

What does Botiga offer to its users?

  • Total Page Size – 367KB
  • Total Page Requests – 41
  • First Byte on Desktop – 151ms
  • First Byte on Mobile – 1.1s
  • Fully Loaded Time on Desktop – 675ms
  • Fully Loaded Time on Mobile – 3.2s
  • LCP: 522ms
  • TBT: 0ms
  • CLS: 0

Base on our test results, Botiga is a goto theme when it comes to speed. It is on par with the WPAstra when it comes to desktop and mobile speed test. A big banner like that could take several time to load but with Botiga, it’s a breeze!

Download Demo

3. Kadence

Kadence Woocommerce Kadence is also one of the popular themes on WordPress theme repository. It’s a beautifully designed, responsive theme with a clean and minimalist design. The code is well-coded and it loads quickly . Plus, it comes with all the features you need to run an online store, such as a shopping cart, product pages, and checkout.

Let’s see how it performs.

  • Total Page Size – 539KB
  • Total Page Requests – 54
  • First Byte on Desktop – 195ms
  • First Byte on Mobile – 763ms
  • Fully Loaded Time on Desktop – 1.0s
  • Fully Loaded Time on Mobile – 3.78s
  • LCP: 682ms
  • TBT: 59ms
  • CLS: 0

Load times of Kadence lags lightly behind WPAstra though. Yet based on its filesize, you can immediately distinguish that it could load fast. On mobile, a lot could be improved such as image compression as well as css and javascript.

Download Demo

4. GeneratePress

Generatepress Woocommerce GenereatePress is a fast-loading, multipurpose WordPress theme. It’s perfect for any type of website, from small business to enterprise-level eCommerce stores. It comes with a built-in drag and drop page builder, so you can easily create custom pages and layouts without coding. Plus, it’s fully responsive and looks great on desktop and mobile devices.

GeneratePress is free to download on WordPress. It has premium option to create a more flexible premium website of your liking.

Let’s see how it performs.

  • Total Page Size – 575KB
  • Total Page Requests – 32
  • First Byte on Desktop – 677ms
  • First Byte on Mobile – 1.198S
  • Fully Loaded Time on Desktop – 625ms
  • Fully Loaded Time on Mobile – 3.2s
  • LCP: 490ms
  • TBT: 0ms
  • CLS: 0

Based on our speed test, GeneratePress, with a total page size of 545KB outputs an impressive page speed with TBT and CLS both got 0 results. On the other hand, the mobile test return to have an average of 3.2s fully loaded speed. Again, this can be optimized with a plugin or other methods such as image compression. A fast and reliable web hosting could potentially further decrease the loading speed.

Download Demo

5. Shoptimizer


At a first glance, Shoptimizer looks like a Shopify theme. No, it’s not. Of course, it’s a WooCommerce theme. Shoptimizer is designed for WooCommerce alone. Can we say if it’s the forte of the theme creator? It could be since it is focused on WooCommerce optimization and conversion.

This theme is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes available. It’s a simple theme with a responsive layout. It costs around $99 for regular price with 1 year updates. You can use it on unlimited WooCommerce websites.

Let’s see how it performs.

  • Total Page Size – 586KB
  • Total Page Requests – 63
  • First Byte on Desktop – 162ms
  • First Byte on Mobile – 783ms
  • Fully Loaded Time on Desktop – 1.2s
  • Fully Loaded Time on Mobile – 3.2s
  • LCP: 398ms
  • TBT: 17ms
  • CLS: 0

Shoptimizer has a great loading speed on both desktop and mobile. How much more we install a page optimizer? So if you want a theme that is designed solely on WooCommerce, try Shoptimizer!

Download Demo

6. Spencer

Spencer Woocommerce

Introducing CSSIgniter’s Spencer, a WooCommerce theme that’s perfect for entrepreneurs and bloggers. Its WooCommerce integration lets you sell your products online, while custom typography and infinite color schemes give you the flexibility to create a unique website.

Plus, it’s mobile optimized so your visitors can enjoy your site on any device. And with multilingual support, you can reach a global audience. Best of all, Spencer is built for speed so you can focus on what’s important – creating great content.

Spencer is a premium theme. CSSigniter also has several free themes on its website.

How does Spencer performs.

  • Total Page Size – 698KB
  • Total Page Requests – 42
  • First Byte on Desktop – 169ms
  • First Byte on Mobile – 805ms
  • Fully Loaded Time on Desktop – 2.0
  • Fully Loaded Time on Mobile – 3.5s
  • LCP: 1.1s
  • TBT: 65ms
  • CLS: .15

Spencer has few improvements needed on mobile. It shows an overall great loading speed though. Plus you can’t deny how small its filesize. This is a good blogging and WooCommerce theme that wants a premium look while regarding about speed.

Download Demo

7. Loge

Loge Woocommerce

Loge theme is a fast, modern, and minimalist WooCommerce theme that will make your online store look great. It comes with a responsive layout, minimal design and a WooCommerce integration. It has the same creator like the Spencer.

Loge which falls short of the two aforementioned themes but still boasts impressive stats:

  • Total Page Size – 712KB
  • Total Page Requests – 55
  • First Byte on Desktop – 166ms
  • First Byte on Mobile – 750ms
  • Fully Loaded Time on Desktop – 1.7s
  • Fully Loaded Time on Mobile – 4.0s
  • LCP: 166ms
  • TBT: 35ms
  • CLS: 0.06

Base on the speed test we have, Loge loads fast on desktop but lags slightly behind on mobile. The average speed on fully loaded theme is 4s. But it does not end there. You can still optimized this theme to run more smoothly on mobile.

CSSIgniter’s Loge theme is built for speed. And if you need a theme that is focused on small product line, Loge can be your ideal WooCommerce theme.

Download Demo

8. Neve

Neve Woocommerce

Neve is another popular theme on WordPress so why not make a test out of it? It has WooCommerce demo template so it’s nice to check and test out this theme.

Neve comes free. Though it’s premium comes with a more advanced WooCommerce booster.

Let’s see how it performs.

  • Total Page Size – 1.9MB
  • Total Page Requests – 48
  • First Byte on Desktop – 168ms
  • First Byte on Mobile – 1.2S
  • Fully Loaded Time on Desktop – 840ms
  • Fully Loaded Time on Mobile – 4.4s
  • LCP: 731ms
  • TBT: 0ms
  • CLS:  0.29

Neve tested out to be grade A on GTMetrix. Don’t get it wrong, all the themes listed here are grade A. But Neve slightly falls behind the themes we tested. First it’s demo template is big at 1.9MB. If you want to start, don’t use the template or adjust it so it could be smaller in file size.

Next mobile really needs optimization. Loading at 4.4 on average, Neve is slower in mobile. Please note this test depends on Neve’s WooCommerce demo sites. However, do not conclude that this test is final. Neve is fast on desktop :). As I’ve said before, the theme’s speed doesn’t always count on the criteria. There are lots of criteria such as fast and reliable hosting.

Download Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I solely depend on the theme’s loading speed when it comes to speed?

The theme’s loading speed is important, but many other factors affect the overall speed of your website such as fast hosting. You should also use caching plugins and leverage browser caching to improve the load time of your pages.

Why I should care about Web Vitals?

If you’re looking to improve your website’s speed, then taking a look at Web Vitals is a great place to start. This tool analyzes the performance of your website and provides actionable insights that you can use to make your site faster. You can also compare your website against other websites in your industry or around the world.

Is GTMetrix reliable?

GTMetrix is a great tool for analyzing the performance of your website. It provides actionable insights that you can use to make your site faster. However, it should not be used as the only source of information when determining the speed of your website. There are many other factors that affect the overall speed of your website.

How to Choose a Fast Woocommerce Theme?

When choosing a fast WooCommerce theme, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important is the template or design of the theme.

Some themes are more lightweight than others and will load faster on your website. You’ll also want to make sure that the theme is well-coded. You would want to consider these lists to have in a fast loading WooCommerce themes:

  • Minimal design and graphics
  • Small page size
  • Uses a responsive layout that adapts to different screen sizes
  • No bloated code or features that you don’t need such as JQuery
  • Fast loading times even on mobile devices


In this post, we looked at the fastest WooCommerce themes so far. We also took a look at Web Vitals from GTMetrix test to help you determine the speed of WooCommerce theme.

As always, remember that many other factors affect the overall speed of your website. You should use caching plugins and leverage browser caching to improve the load time of your pages. And lastly, don’t rely on just one tool when determining the speed of your website – take a holistic approach!

Did we miss something? Do you have a WooCommerce theme you want us to test? We’d be happy to test it for you! Leave a comment down below.

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